IPv6 Network Learning almost FREE

If you want learn IPv6, take a cisco class. The cisco CCNA program can be tackled by anyone, and you will learn ipv4 and ipv6. CCNA CCNX accelerated class is here, and it is excellent! Cisco ccna class Also, you can add a skillset by getting certified by this organization.

Here are some tips that helped me:


Start by registering on http://ipv6.he.net


You will definitely need a IPV6 server. I used digitalocean.com server that supports IPV6. These cost like $8.00 a month. Budget that into your expenses!


Things that really help:

1. You will need some unix skills to modify the server (to get pass the certification steps). I suppose you could do this on windows server, but IPv6 on unix is actually easier in some ways!


2. Another ipv6 connected host (like your PC) is really helpful for troubleshooting. I tethered my iphone to my computer, and that gives you a working IPv6 address. This allows you to ping across the IPv6 internet and check connectivity. Other times I could use certain IPv6 internet providers who have this supported. TimeWarner gives you IPv6 most of the time.


3. Have a working knowledge of DNS. You will learn more about DNS!


4. Know a bit about SMTP (email). You will have to install and tweak a email server to support ipv6 !!


Let me know if you attempt this. I can help you if you get stuck. Rod.deluhery@ mail.com <- replace mail.com with gmail.com

Good luck!

Config unix with ipv6.

Powershell commands with the word "Azure" in them.

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